Start a Drive

Whether you’ve raised money for good causes in the past or you are brand new to fundraising, we’re excited you’re here! Be sure to check out our Virtual Food Drive Manual for step-by-step instructions on how to host a successful online fundraiser.

Start a team
*recommended for companies / businesses*

Select this option if you’re creating a fundraising page for your company, organization, or group. Once registered, you will be able to customize the heading, image and text on the page.

Example: A bank registers as a team and promotes the fundraiser to their employees to participate in.

Register as an individual
Select this option if you plan on setting up one page and plan for everyone to donate to that page.

Example: A person wants to set up a Virtual Food Drive for their family to donate to. You will be given the option to name your page and you will be provided a unique URL to send out.

Join a team
This option allows you to join an existing team.