Philabundance Virtual Food Drive

EwingCole Food Drive 2016



Hello EwingCole staff, friends and family:



Thank you for supporting our virtual food drive this holiday season!



No need to log in or register; just click either "Team 1" or "Team 2" below (please *do not* click the "Join Team" button; click only "Team 1" or "Team 2") and make your secure, tax-deductible donation to Philabundance.



You can fill a cart with virtual foods of all kinds to visualize what your donation provides for hungry families, or simply choose a dollar amount; either way, Philabundance leverages their buying power to procure everything from fresh produce to dairy at reduced prices!



Remember, all are welcome to participate in our food drive – please feel free to share this link with friends and family at holiday gatherings, or send it out on your social networks!



Thanks in advance for your generosity, and happy holidays from EwingCole!






(Again, please do NOT click "Join Team.")


EwingCole Food Drive 2016 - Join Team Raised
Team 1 $802.00
Hunger Fighter Team 2 $913.50
Denotes a Team Captain