Philabundance Virtual Food Drive


Hello Gobbers,

It is about that time again.

This year at our 5th Annual Gobfest I wanted to do something different. As we stuff our food holes with anything in sight and drink to our liver's content other's don't have the luxury.  So I started this donation page.  I figured it would need to be professional and have my name nowhere on the page for those closest to me to trust that I wasn't somehow scheming a cut of this.  So here you can donate with a credit card or paypal.  You can even anonymously donate.  It is not about the amount, there is no minimum and no maximum donation.  

The way this works.  Every 50 cents donates a meal to someone.  I have set the bar high at $500 but I think we can reach it...if not exceed it.  If we can reach $500 we will effectively be donating the equivalent of 1,000 meals this holiday season.  So donate what you can.

For all of you that choose not to donate there is a warm place for you at the corner of the table pinched between a set of elbows that will most likely keep knocking into you when you try to get a bite of stuffing or drink your wine so you will be forced to put the plate on your lap and the wine on the floor between your feet...but you will end up knocking the wine over when someone squeezes behind your seat to pass you on the way to their seat so you will stand up in shock and embarrassment to address the situation...forgetting that you had your plate on your lap so now your wine and your food is on the carpet and on now you're on your hands and knees cleaning the carpet sweating and hungry because you didn't get to eat, sort of dizzy from the cleaning fumes and lack of food in your system when you misjudge your hand placement and someone in big winter boots steps on your hand and possibly breaks your fingers...the swelling is getting bad and no one will drive you to the hospital so you leave the party covered in food with a potentially broken hand and flag down a get in the cab and you ask to go to the hospital and the cab driver turns to you and says in broken English that he was a Doctor in India and runs a clinic out of his basement and locks the doors...and away you go.

Don't end up in a cab on your way to a self proclaimed doctor's basement clinic, donate to those in need instead.

If you are not're already in a bad enough place...don't make it worse, donate what you can.


The Gobfather

Gobfest - Join Team Raised
Hunger Fighter Ross Staszak $618.50
Steve Erdosi $0.00
Tiala Glabau $15.00
Ilyana Mushaeva $50.00
Lauren Selleck $20.00
Denotes a Team Captain