Philabundance Virtual Food Drive

Burpees 4 Bacon

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Crossfit Novem is hosting a burpee-a-thon to collect food and money for our community. So... Who wants to do burpees? We bet you don't! Let us do them for you!

Our Burpees 4 Bacon event will take place on Sunday, November 16th 12:00pm-3:00pm. Each participant will have up to 12 minutes or less to complete a total of 100 burpees. The day will be in rolling heats every 12 minutes, so no need to register for a time slot, just get here, warm up and hop in the next heat. We are asking our friends, family, and community to each make a pledge towards an athlete's burpee count. There are 3 possible ways to pledge donations:

1. Good old fashion dollars for burpees. For example, if you pledge $1 a burpee and your athlete completes 75 burpees within 12 minutes, your donation will total $75 ($1 x 75 burpees). That money can either go as a monetary donation or can be allocated towards the Virtual Food Drive options available on your ahtlete's individual page or the team page.

2. Food for burpees. For example, if you pledge 1 can of chili for every 3 burpees and your athlete completes 75 burpees within 12 minutes, your donation will total 25 cans of chili. There will be a donation box at Crossfit Novem until Sunday, November 23rd.

3. Spectator donation, If you are unable to attend or do not physically participate in the burpee-a-thon you can make a separate monetary donation here or you can drop off a non-perishable good at the 1221 Frankford Ave. or 1732 Howard Street gym.

Help us reach our goal by pledging to one of our burpee warriors! Join us as an athlete or spectator and help raise more funds! Thank you for helping us to give back to our community and fight hunger in the Delaware Valley! Every little bit counts!

For inquiries please email us here:


To our athletes:

Create your own page and make it your own. Your buy-in to the event is 1 can of food. Bring your pledge quotes and can to the event and we'll keep track of your burpees! Once you're done, let your sponsors know how you did and how they can submit their donations. Shout it out on facebook! Tell your sponsors to visit your unique page to submit their donations (if monetary or Virtual Food doations) and collect any food donations to bring to Novem by November 23rd. We will be delivering our boxes of food on Monday, November 24th.

Burpees 4 Bacon - Join Team Raised
The Big Cheese Jacqueline Stilwell $270.00
Terry Anzalone $0.00
The Big Cheese Cathy Macdonald $115.00
The Big Cheese Lesha Meyer $394.00
The Big Cheese Steve Sovich $359.00
The Big Cheese Kevin Vuernick $122.00
Denotes a Team Captain